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An Ambivert, who has both creative and logical sides? Sounds good, right? Jhanvi, that's Me

A media student and an aspiring Journalist who loves to write, read and travel, listen to music, a cinephile and prominently is herself at all times. 

I am also Public Speaker, Debater, Model United Nations Delegate, and Girl is known to voice her opinions as a Leader. 

I have experience as Intern in Content Writing in News, Editorial, Blog writing in various beats from politics to entertainment and global aspects.

I resonate with this quote, "Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the Mind of Man can Invent" - Sherlock Holmes.

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Featured Articles

Catastrophic Floods Destructs In Western Europe: Over 190 Death Tolls Crossed ~

Since July 12, 2021, the constant pictures from Europe are alarming of houses, shops, and roads inside the pleasant urban communities and towns and different waterways viciously washed away by quick floodwater in Germany, Austria, Italy, and other regions. European nations are influenced by calamitous floods, causing far-reaching harm. The floods have impacted the UK and later across northern and pivotal Europe including, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria a

45 Million Pending Cases Of The Indian Judiciary: States CJI NV Ramana ~

The Chief Justice of India told a legal summit that the insight in regards to the pendency of cases in Indian courts as being intelligent of the “failure of the Indian legal executive to adapt to the caseload is an exaggeration and an uncharitable investigation”. He also said that the number of cases that Indian courts hear does not determine whether the judicial institutions are properly functioning or are different. CJI NV Ramana likewise said, “Individuals are sure that they will get help an

United States Troops Withdrawal Across Bases: Afghanistan And Iraq ~

On July 30, 2021, US President Joe Biden announced that “a significant milestone” had been reached as the first flight conveying Afghans who filled in as armed forces for the US protection powers arrived in America. Also, on July 26, 2021, President Joe Biden stated that the USA combat mission in Iraq close before the year’s end. This declaration mirrors the truth on the ground over a significant change in USA strategy. IMPORTANT MILESTONE: AFGHAN INTERPRETERS ARRIVE IN THE UNITED STATES FOR TH

Why Does China Crackdown On EdTech Businesses Obliterating Billions Of Affluence? ~ News Aur Chai

Chinese regulators on July 24, 2021, Saturday presented changes that will adjust the plan of action of private firms showing the school educational program, as Beijing means to update an area it says “take over by capital”. China’s private schooling organizations had for quite a long time been the dears of financial backers from New York to Shanghai, assembling a $100 billion industry on the guarantee of the world’s biggest and most competitive tutoring framework. Then, at that point, they beca

India-Bangladesh: Reopen Cross-Border Rail Lines After 56 Years ~

On August 1, 2021, Indian Railways sent the first stone-filled freight train to Bangladesh from Damdim Station of the Northeast Frontier Railway, resuming activity on the Haldibari Chilahati route. The network between Bangladesh and India will improve due to the continuing rail course that snapped in 1965. After the partition in 1947, seven rail joins were functional among India and then East Pakistan till 1965. The Haldibari-Chilahati rail interface is one of those courses. As indicated by the

Centre To SC: Shreya Singhal Judgement- States Also Have Liability To Guarantee Individuals Not Troubled Utilizing Scrapped Section 66A ~

The Center has submitted to the Supreme Court that police and police requests being state subjects, the obligation to ensure the execution of the pronouncement that annuls Section 66A of the Information Technology Act belongs to the states. Further, the law requires organizations to share equivalent obligations to hold out the judgment. On July 5, 2021, a Bench drove by Justice Rohinton F. Nariman said it was “upsetting,” “shocking” and “terrible” that individuals are as yet reserved and tried

Keanu Reeves Returns With "The Matrix Resurrection" ~ News Aur Chai

Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, a group of six people were able to steal our hearts. They made us fall in love with some good coffee, Thanksgiving, and the legendary Mama’s Little Bakery’s Cheesecakes. Well, could it be any more obvious? The most loved American Sitcom, Friends, is set to release its reunion 17 years after its last episode aired on 6th May 2004. It’s true when they say that friends stay through the thick and thin. And that’s precisely what the show has been delivering

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